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When it comes to guaranteeing our products, our word is our bond. Our products are built to last by some of the finest craftspeople in Britain but, if you need us, we’ll be there.

Our guarantees are worth more than the paper they’re written on. They’ll give you complete reassurance because, not only are our products made by the finest craftspeople here in the UK, they’re stringently checked by our quality assurance team at every stage of production so we know they’re of the highest standard.

We take the business of home improvements very seriously which is why we have voluntarily acquired accreditations from bodies such as Certass and Q&A. Not all home improvement companies have these accreditations.

With more than £2bn-worth of U.K. Windows & Doors covered by guarantee at any one time, it’s important that we get things right first time. While we’re confident that you won’t need to use your guarantee, after 29 years in business, you can be sure that we’ll be here to keep our promises if you ever did.

And because our guarantees are covered by insurance, unlike many other home improvements companies, if we ceased trading your window and door guarantees would remain valid.

These are the guarantees we offer:

A 10-year guarantee on parts and labour for all our windows, doors. roofline products & conservatories and 5 years on garage doors.

A free insurance-backed guarantee on all windows and doors covering the cost of partial or complete repair, rebuilding or rectification, in line with our own guarantees, in the unlikely event that we stop trading.

These accreditations are not compulsory but show that we take responsibility for our windows and doors seriously. We’ll be around for a long time to come but, even if we’re not, your guarantees will still stand.

Our Accrediations