At UK windows & doors ltd. we can provide you with a range of different window styles that will fit in perfectly with your home and your individual styling preferences.

The products we use for all replacement PVC-U windows and door systems are amongst the leading products available in the UK.

Benefits of Universal Windows


Our reinforcements and multi-locking hardware provide added strength to make your home more secure.


Comfort and safety should never be compromised through security. In the event of an emergency our windows and doors provide easy and reliable exits that meet all safety standards. Additionally, childproof hinges and locks can be fitted to restrict opening aspects and a night facility is available to allow air circulation while the windows remain in a semi-closed position

Low Maintenance

With PVC-U windows and doors there is no need for painting, sanding or filling, to remove dirt simply wipe over with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

Weather Resistant

No matter what the weather conditions outside, come rain or shine your windows and doors will maintain their appearance and maintain the inside temperature

Energy Saving

The profiles we use to make the frames for your home offer excellent thermal insulation, as the gaskets and weather tight seals shut out draughts while the glazing reflects the heat back into your room. Aspects that will help reduce energy bills.

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