Doors are a focal point for any property and choosing the right type and style of door can make a dramatic difference to the appearance of your home. At UK windows & doors ltd. we offer a vast array of either uPVC or Composite type door products that each come in various styles and colours.

We also provide a range of varying types of doors such as:

French Doors

These are a popular choice of double doors, you can choose whether you prefer them to open outwards from the inside or open inwards back into your home.

Sliding Patio

These types of doors consist of two panels, one which is fixed and the other one which slides to the side. The sliding door does not intrude on indoor space which can be very useful at giving you that little bit extra room if you need it.


These doors consist of two or more panels which fold to one side creating a large clear opening.

Composite Doors

We have a range of composite doors which are made from a combination of fibre-glass (GRP) and uPVC which are also steel reinforced with a rigid, high density, energy retaining, injected polyurethane core.

Composite doors are highly suitable and are a popular choice of exterior doors for home owners due to their durability and beautifully styled finish.

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